An example X-ray

Lady Corongi

Interestingly, as I completed this X-ray, I found that it was untrue to the Lady Corongi of the final pages of the novel because by that time, all of her secrets had been exposed. This made me think that this exercise could be broken into two parts. X-rays could be drawn up partway through a reading of Seraphina, and later revisited in order to add notes and revise (or move) the hidden elements. No matter how you approach this type of exercise, it will definitely get one thinking about the evolution of a character, as well as that of the plot. The case of Lady Corongi was a particularly fun one to explore because its analysis highlights the plot’s most unexpected twist.

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4 thoughts on “An example X-ray

    • I love the fact that Hartman added Imlann aka Lady Coragi in this literature. It made me think of all the many things that adolescents experience in this difficult yet interesting phase of their lives. Developmental Psychologist Laurence Steinberg speaks of “False-Self Behavior;” this is basically when an adolescent hides who they are and display an act for acceptance or some other achievement. Imlann/Lady Coragi definitely represents this well. On the other hand I also think this character represents the identity crisis part of adolescence. Many adolescents battle with gender: Am I really to be a boy or a girl… and vise versa. I must say that Imlann/Lady represents Hartman’s knowledge of “gender bending” and Identity crisis within adolescents. *By the way very great drawing.*

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  2. I wanted to go back to this post because I thought that you did such a great job on the drawing SD, given the fact that we were given probably 20 minutes to complete it in class. The assignment definitely brought out your creative side and I would absolutely love to give a similar activity for my students in the future. Like you mentioned on your post, it would make the students think about character development, which is something we certainly look for in stories. JA

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