*PO* – “He danced good…”

“He danced good because he was Gabriel and everything he did was good, whether it was being president , or laying basketball or working as a Shepard and going to the mountains” (Pg. 122, Krumgold).

*PO* – Like Miguel, being a younger sibling seems to be hard work! You have to make sure you’re accepted as an individual in the household. You have to work twice as hard to make sure you’re not compared to your older siblings. Yet, it seems that this is what your parents want, another mini-me of the oldest “perfect son or daughter”. Bonus of being trapped in the middle or as a baby, you will forever be jealous of your sibling! Or so you are made to believe by your parents and family members. From the beginning of the story it seems that Miguel has this emotion of jealousy and idolism towards his brother because Miguel states in pg. 3 “It would be god to be Gabriel”.

This bond among brothers reminds me of the movie Home Alone, in this movie Kevin the main character gets into trouble because of his brother and sent to sleep in the artic, where the family forgets about him and leave on vacation. Kevin and Miguel are similar because they both see life as unfair and they both make wishes to alter it. Kevin asks for his family to disappear and Miguel asks to go on a trip that affects the outcomes of his brothers Gabriel’s life. Overall, they both learn to be careful for what they wish for and to let life happen.


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