The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart – describes the life of SECRETS!


As an adolescent being a part of a secret group makes you feel like your apart of the FBI. Your important and feel needed.

Frankie demonstrates that females can be as great as a male in creating devious pranks and memorable stories among her classmates.

The author’s choice of name’s for the book is very interesting because Frankie can be a boy’s name, just like it can be a girl’s name. Frankie in this tale plays the role of both, even though she taking on the role of Alpha.  Alpha is another name you can analyze because Alpha is a term to describe the leader of a pack. It can be used as a term to describe the strongest leader.

All this analyzing of names is connected to a secret a secret identity the characters have and the author creates to make his story more interesting. A secret can cause a person to wonder, imagine, and believe in things that can change someone’s life.

Does anyone remember of a time that a secret in high school gave them an upper hand?

Does anyone remember a time when a secret ended a friendship during high school?

Which prank do you believed Frankie loved the most?

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