Juan de Pareja by Elizabeth Borton Treviño


OM—-Getting our adolescents to read, especially our Inner City/Urban students is one of the the most challenging issues for educators. They often ask themselves the following questions:

Why should I read that book?

What does that book even have to do with me?

The truth is many of our adolescents do not see the connections to situation or characters and themselves.  However, I Juan de Pareja is one YA lit that I think is great to teach text connections; especially text to self connection. It became clear to me from previous experiences that adolescents think of themselves as slaves, but who are they enslaved to?  Are adolescents enslaved to  individuals like their parents, teacher, even their peer, or are they enslaved to society and its many rules that seem to contradict each other. One other question that one can really explore is what is slavery?  ,and are adolescents  enslaved physically  or mentally?


*The Picture above is Diego Velazquez*

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