Dr. Seuss for YA Readers!

Yes this is a post promoting picture books being taught in Secondary Education!



As most of us know, Dr. Seuss was a very political and used his literature as a way to promote his opinions. Although his collection can be found in the children’s section, his works can be taught at a higher level. Because the text is short and sometimes simple, the class can spend a lot of time on dissecting and doing a close reading on the text. I feel like Dr. Seuss’  text would be a great to use for an open discussion, or a starting text into a controversial topic. I’m an advocate of teaching students how to read between the lines, and using a Dr. Seuss text is an excellent choice.

I wonder if students will feel “dumb” because they are reading a picture book, but if students know the background of Dr. Seuss (he wrote comic strips during WWII) and how advertisement and comics were and are still used to sell an idea or a product to society they can find the value behind it. That alone can be a unit theme. Especially in NYC where there is advertisement everywhere attracting all age groups, and a time where satire cartoons are a big hit (Family Guy, American Dad, of course The Simpsons) the students can see how using illustrates can be powerful and specifically, why do people use illustrates to convey their thoughts.

Here are two links that have some Dr. Seuss activities: teachers first middle school



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