Adolescents ( Cliques, Age Segregation and lots of secrets

OM—-E. Lockhard  has tapped into the psychological realm of adolescent in many ways.  Even though this is a literature class I think it is also important to connect Pshychology to get a better understanding of the book.  First of all  Lockhard taps into  the context of adolescents as stated by Developmental Psychologist: Laurence Steingberg.   In particular; Lockhard taps into the Peer Groups and Schools.   In The Disreptuable History of  Frankie Landau-Banks, E. Lockhart takes us to the world of Secret Societies (Cliques)  and even age segregation.  The Secret Society aka The Basset Hounds consists of a group of boys (only boys)  that are approximately the same age.  According to Laurence Steinberg  this would fit into his category as a “clique.” Cliques are simply tightly knit groups of between 2-12 friends that are generally of the same sex and age.   Page 200 states ” Are you jointing the asset Hounds?” Zada was incredulous “What do they do?”  “I can’t join.  It’s  all guys, all senior.”   Lockhart even went further within the context of adolescent by portraying one of the issues that comes with peer groups.  This issue is simply age segregation.  On page  158 Elizabeth teased Frankie who was sitting at the SENIOR table by saying ” taking over the senior table, eh, squirt?” and ” What do you think, Livingston? Elizabeth asked Matthew.  “Your girlie waiting for you at the senior table.”

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