*PO* Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell

Karana journey shows us strength, courage and the effects of human nature on our environment. Karana lost everything but her strength to stay positive and see things for what they were. The love she demonstrated for her brother was enough to return to him when he would have been left alone to fend for himself. I think that if I was put in Karana position I would have done the same thing in a heart beat. Trading my life for my sibling is not something I would ever question. Nature has a way of repaying Karana for her courageous act, she learns to survive this notion of solitude and loneliness she experiences in the island by making long lasting friendships with local animals.

I Think that the way the author demonstrates her connection with her animal friends is amazing. People all over the world consider their pets for instance, their dogs to be “mans best friend”, however, I don’t think a lot of people have had to really demonstrate their loyalty to their pets. Karana showed her loyalty to her animal friends the same way she demonstrated it to her brother. Who can say they have had an experience where they have not thought twice to give up their lives for someone else or even their pets?

Image  Definitely not Pocahontas!


One thought on “*PO* Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell

  1. PO it is interesting that you mentioned this. I was thinking the same but slightly different. Well, in respect to Native Americans. In most Native American tale I have heard it involves an individual or several protecting nature (animal/plant life).

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