I loved this book! Why did it have to end this way? Oh, I know, nothing neat will do, but I so wanted Brian to continue figuring out how to survive in the Canadian wilderness. He was learning so much and maturing so beautifully.  Comparing life in the wilderness with life in the Big Apple is probably unfair, but we have it so easy and yet so hard here.  I wouldn’t want to deal with those mosquitoes, or eat without my seasonings, but I wish I could become as lean and self sufficient as Brian did in that natural setting.  And I would hate not to have human company for such a long time (50 plus days?), yet while I no longer  feel overwhelmed by the crowds in New York, the  noise pollution does get to me at times, in fact more times than I care to count. I love the comfort of paved streets, but Brian learns to thread lightly and his senses become heightened by the need to eat and to survive generally. Have we given up too  much in our quest for “development”? This is a great book to teach youngsters and the young-at-heart about so many things: responsibility, thrift, patience, humility, respect for nature,…and the list goes on.


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