The Giver Being Turned into A Movie

The Giver Being Turned into A Movie

The Giver by Lois Lowry is a book that is widely read among adolescents in various school settings. This particular book was out during my period of adolescence, and there is a copy of the book that is still sitting in my personal library. The text is primarily based upon the themes of whether it is better to have a safe world where there essentially aren’t any emotions; or is it more beneficial to have a complicated environment where people can express their true feelings/opinions. This movie is expected to come out in August 2014 and talented actors such as Meryl Streep participated in the film. Ultimately, showing this featured presentation along with the book, will be a good lesson for adolescents to learn in a classroom setting, as it is always great to provide a thematic visual to a text. -JC

Here is a link to the Official Trailer Teaser as well:

One thought on “The Giver Being Turned into A Movie

  1. I am old. I am so old that The Giver came out while I was in high school. When I stepped into the first class here at City everyone started talking about this book. I felt kind of left out. I remember reading a lot on different blogs about how everyone was excited that this book was coming out, finally, as a movie. I remember seeing the trailers and thinking “eh”.
    So over this past winter break I finally sat down with a nice cup of tea and I read The Giver. It was pretty good. I liked it and could see the appeal that many students might find in the book. The book puts forth a lot of different ideas that would be great talking points in a class room.
    I have yet to see the movie, I feel like I will eventually, but, oh man, am I not looking forward to it.
    When I got done with the book I looked at the trailer, and it just does not look appealing. It looks like a mess, to be completely honest. I feel like I will have to watch it, that somehow my students will eventually make me, or maybe I won’t. If I feel like it is going to be a waste of time, then why should I waste my time doing it. There are a ton of good movies, good adaptations of books, that I should waste my time on and I don’t think that The Giver is going to be one of those movies I waste my time on.
    JC I wish I could step into the past and show you the Rotten Tomatoes Rating.The Giver (2014)


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