*P.O* Walk two Moons by Sharon Creech

*P.O*-  Walk two Moons is realistic, magical and honest. Many coming of age stories connect with adolescent behavior and ideas. I felt that creating a mini poem on Sal name would help other’s understand the character better.

S–  Spunk- Sal has spunk! She was the first one to doubt Phobe, however, she never let her suspicion’s get in the way of their friendship. One must have spunk in order to not let the hardships of reality get in the way of her goals.

A–    Adventurous – Sal role in the novel is very adventurous, she tries really hard to understand why life has dealt her the cards it has. Her drive for adventure allows her to escape her reality, not until the end does she realize that her escape was always her answer to the big void in her life.

L– Loving- Sal is a loving character, who tries to hold on dearly to the small love she feels she receives from others.

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