*P.O* “Story of a girl” by Sara Zarr

How do Love, Betrayal, and Loss of Innocence affect Deanna’s life? Do you believe these themes affected Deanna choices? Why or Why not?

This question brings up a lot of discussion when analyzing Deanna character.

For example the “loss of Innocence”, demonstrates Deanna coming of age, where she finally began understanding the reality of her choices.

“Betrayal” was demonstrated when Deanna herself, kissed Lee knowing he was with her best friend and that it could have devastating outcomes.

“Love” for Deanna meant two things, the love needed for a parental guidance she seemed to have lost because of her actions with Tommy and the first time an adolescent experiences their first love.

All three themes seem to affect Deanna development and transition into adulthood. Teen’s have a hard time understanding that tomorrow is another day and what seems important today, might not be as important tomorrow. Just imagine to have to experience all these emotions at once. Poor Deanna…

Here a couple of ways to describe some event’s and character’s:

Overall Adolescence’s:










One thought on “*P.O* “Story of a girl” by Sara Zarr

  1. PDC — I really enjoyed your lesson in class last week. I think if you were teaching in a classroom with more time, the lesson can really horn into the different themes found in the story “Story of a Girl”. What you’ve done with the memes in your post in hilarious and I think would be a great homework assignment and maybe even a continuing homework assignment for students to do per chapter. Memes are not only really funny, but really popular in today’s media culture. For another class I’m creating a unit and will be using Instagram as a continuing assignment and memes are one thing that I’m really looking forward to seeing from my students.

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