The Power of Teachers

The article “Making an Impression: YA Authors and Their Influential Teachers” made me smile, reflect and cry, a little. It made me smile because it reminded me of the influence and how teachers cultivate their students, the students that will be the next writers, doctors, lawyers, inventors. It made me reflect on the teachers that have influence not only my career routes but also my ideology of life. Teachers from different grades have played a role in the development of my character and have inspired me to  remain headstrong on my goals. It made me emotional because the career we are all going into, or are already apart of, can be a real life changer for our students. Throughout history the  respect society has for teachers in my opinion has been diminishing. This article brings back the power to teachers.


Here is another article that discusses in a scientific way about how good teachers can affect students.



While reading “YA Literature—Where Teens Find Themselves” I kept rereading, the line “teachers must read YA themselves so they can have a better feel for what books will appeal to which students.” It is important in my opinion for teachers to be actively reading and keeping up to date with new YA books that are coming out. To a certain degree I think teachers should know what students are using, technology wise, and are interested because of media or what not, is important as a teacher. I’m not saying teachers should use these social medias, or dress or listen to the music their students like but it is important to understand your audience.


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