*P.O* CHAINS – “Is freedom all that it is cracked up to be”

I believe the phrase “being free” seems only exist in books. No one is really free, not even the Lockton’s. Everyone has a shadow that follows them and is always there to remind them of their dirty laundry. In a sense Isabel shadow was her past and ruth.

Everyone in present time can feel and can say they are free but the question is are we really free? What is the real meaning of being free? I don’t believe we are free. I think we are slaves to society.  We wake up everyday, go to work, go to school, and have the government monitoring our every move. I can bet money if we had the choice of going to school or of going to work, a lot of people would actually plead the fifth. Yet, there is the other side of the argument consist of the idea that, if we were actually “free”, we would actually be digging our own graves. We should be digging our own graves because we would start becoming so bore with life that we would start doing crazy things and God only knows what the outcome of would be. Sometimes I feel that if humans did not have some kinds of boundaries or government looking out for our own “interest”, we would all go wild and loose. Most importantly, we  would loose the understanding and value of  being “free”.

Isabel’s shadow was that constant reminder that kept her safe and from going insane because she had to worry about her sister Ruth she had to maintain the sanity. Maybe being “free” isn’t what we all think it is. Does anyone agree? If so, can anyone give me an example of when being a slave, to the world, to their job or their school actually saved their life.

3 thoughts on “*P.O* CHAINS – “Is freedom all that it is cracked up to be”

  1. Hello P.O. I truly agree with you “we are slave to society.” In our American society we are based on the belief of freedom for all, but there’s no such thing as freedom. The reason why I say this is simply because our society is based on money, without it, there is no progression. Therefore, a person’s socio-economical status definitely will enslave a person.

    • In these times of subjective interpretations of words, ideas and perspectives, it seems important for us to encourage our students to be responsible about the way they use words, especially big words that hold alot, like freedom.We need to discuss both sides of the word’s definition. While it is true that everyone has their own subjective experience of being free, there is still a very literal, factual aspect to the definition of this word, meaning the ability to make choices for oneself. While I would definitely agree with you that the economic system of capitalism has powerful forms of limiting our freedoms by forcing us to base alot of our choices on how to make the necessary money to live, we are nevertheless free in its most literal and factual definition. We do not have to justify our presence in the street (except in Arizona); we are not forced to have our work, home, or personal relations controlled by others. If we take our subjective definition of freedom (“life in America makes us slaves to money”) and put it alongside a subjective definition of freedom in, say, Burkina Faso (“life in America is free for you to make money”), you get two sides of the same coin, different angles. Yet the fact is still true, in spite of the tightening of our society, that we continue to be technically “free”.
      The same is true for words like slavery. Although we may have a subjective, emotional perspective that we are being treated like property, and forced to work, the truth is that we are not literally someone else’s property. So we must be careful to not confuse the discourse, and muddy the waters of communication by giving emotions heightened weight through the inflammatory use of inappropriate words. This is a disservice to our students, who may be misusing words for emphasis continually; we must help them see the difference. LD

  2. This concept of being free is a rather complex idea and as you mentioned in your post, we are all obligated to some form of responsibility. It seems like freedom is a process that can be overpowering yet exciting at the same time, insofar as people would love to have the ability to do what they want at their own leisure. However, as it was insinuated sometimes when individuals are given too much freedom, they have a tendency to feel lost or become unruly, and this is why restrictions or rules are important as well. My perspective on freedom is quite defined, insomuch it has always been my belief that the idea of being free is absolutely amazing, although achieving it is almost unattainable. The thought of living my life on my own terms is a dream that many human beings probably have for themselves, because having total control over your circumstances and your environment can make you feel completely independent. Even though freedom is a process that can be very ambiguous, it cannot be denied that it is an aspiration that is highly desired in our society. -JC

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