Isn’t it ironic

OM- As I read Linstrom’s Last Ram, I couldn’t help but think “how ironic” a Caucasion (white man) writing about Native American (Indians). I also  could not control my mind  from drifting into netherlands of white men and Indians (pg 131 ” Those cowboys  have that Indian.” There were  many other themes that occurred in other literature about Native Americans such as loneliness  and racism that paralleled “Last Ram.” Nevertheless, I want to focus on the ironic events that occurred  in Last Ram.   Irony is simply the opposite of what is expected; and that is what caught my utmost attention.   First of all I thought it was “ironic” that Evan and David were friends.  Their relationship basically contradicts the lone Indian idea that we see many times in books about Native Americans.  Fire Brush and Stone Eagle’s relationship also seem to contradict the lone Indian idea too (pg 131)  “My name’s Fire Brush”, he said  “I’ve been traveling with Stone Eagle.” Page 28 represented one of the earlier situation where the lone Indian idea was contradicted as Fire Brush came to the rescue of  Stone Eagle “Run, man,” “get outta here! Get out of the Hills!” One of the strongest Irony in my opinion occur with David.  This boy is presented to the readers, as Native American, but he was not the epitome of Native Americans.  He was simply “White on the inside” and Indian on the outside. On page 12 Evan had mentioned ” David ain’t a real Indian, he’s my friend. He ain’t like the reservation kids.”  It is ironic in the sense that David ( a Native American) without a name like “Stone Eagle” seem to have adapted to society’s expectation of decorum etc, therefore earning him a place in the “white world.” It is quite ironic that David’s friend Evan, however, acted in ways in which the people didn’t find socially acceptable. Evidence of this comes from page 5 “but mom, David’s coming back this week, and I need to scout where we’ll hunt.” My reason for this irony is simply because it was more acceptable to think of Native Americans being hunters and part taking in such activities. On page 7 Evan’s mother responded ” you act like you’re one of those damed Indians yourself with no respect for learning, no respect for money, no ambition.” It was even more Ironic that the last of the Audubon sheep was to be hunted. In my opinion, and I think  many people would agree; why wouldn’t we preserve the last of it’s kind. Page 147 states  “a loud crack shattered the quiet of the badlands… the of the Audubon sheep  was dead.”


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