A.K.B- Turning Ideas into Metaphors in StarGirl

Turning Ideas into Metaphors in StarGirl


Targeted Grade Level: 6th grade

  1. CCS RL 1: Cite textual evidence to support analysis of what text says explicitly as well as inferences from the text.
  2. Larger context for activity: The theme of this unit may be whether or not people can live in society without conforming to what society says is the norm. This activity will take place at the end of the unit or close to the end of the unit, so that students will have read enough of the story to develop ideas that they could turn into metaphors. Some possible next steps to this activity is to have students continue collecting evidence concerning a key idea in Stargirl and compose essays at the end of the unit. In addition, students can continue to collect information for these metaphors and at the end of the unit create photo essays that are dependent upon the evidence that they have collected.
  3. Assessment design:

This activity is a formative assessment and is low stake assessment. I am assessing my students by the evidence that they use to create their metaphors (This means I am looking to see if the metaphors connect with the evidence). I am still monitoring and helping to identify strengths and weaknesses in the evidence that my students are collecting. I can identify where my students are struggling in collecting and placing evidence with the right arguments for future essays.

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