A Long Way From Chicago- Volunteered Book for Class Discussion

“A Long Way From Chicago” is a book that is cherishes childhood memories. It has a very nostalgic tone that encourages its readers to become reminiscent about their favorite experiences as a youngster. This is the essence of what a YA book should embody, insofar as being that this text talks about adolescent situations, it also has a way of motivating adults to remember the fond feelings that they felt as a teenager.¬† Even throughout the class discussion of this particular novel, it appeared that the discourse sparked everyone in the room to contemplate rather reflectively and positively about experiences in their lives that were once meaningful to them. In using the book to ponder about these significant occurrences, it is quite evident that “A Long Way From Chicago” can be a piece of literature that can be utilized in order for adolescents to build connections from their own pasts in relation to the characters that exist within this very novel. Authors, such as Peck, who foster this kind of dialogue with their work provides a good learning environment, specifically for adolescents, because it allows pupils to incorporate their own opinions, feelings, and emotions into English classrooms. Thus, in seeing the positive reactions from this book how do you feel when you read about the childhood experiences of characters? Does it make you as readers reminisce about your own favorable memories?- JC


One thought on “A Long Way From Chicago- Volunteered Book for Class Discussion

  1. Yes, I reflected rather positively about my childhood experiences during class as well. Actually, “A Long Way From Chicago” jolted some memories about some of the elders in my life as well as in the community. For example, my grandmother would tell me some of the most incredible stories about herself as well as about my mother. One of which I’ll never forget. My mother and my grandmother was across the tracks cleaning a white lady’s house and it was an arduous task. My Mother told my grandmother that she wanted some more money for the work that she was doing. Of course my grandmother to her to be shut her mouth. This little story changed my opinion about my mother in a way that I could not have imagined. RS

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