Tuck Everlasting

When I was an adolescent, I didn’t have many female protagonists of literature.  Nonetheless, Winnie rocked my world.  I cheered for her; I admired her; I was inspired by her; and even though I was an adult, I grew vicariously as she grew more confident about her fateful decisions.  What an incredible heroine to have upon my book shelf.  RS


2 thoughts on “Tuck Everlasting

  1. I certainly agree–Winnie was a powerful character in this book. It does make me wonder, though: what were the female protagonists in books for adolescents from more than 10 years ago? Anne Cuthbert (from Anne of Green Gables)? Jo (from Little Women)? I’m sure there have to be more–and particularly more that don’t fall into the category of classic literature, as well–but I definitely can’t think of any. Maybe Nancy Drew? Anyone have any ideas here? –JMF

    • Hey JMF: Laura Ingalls, Caddie Woodlawn, Meg Murray (Wrinkle in Time), Beezus and Ramona Quimby, Harriet the Spy, Dido and Is Twite, and the list goes on. BTW, Anne of Green Gables = Anne Shirley Blythe. -BR

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