It may be from Cosmo…but I don’t care

It may be from Cosmo…but I don’t care

John Green, author of The Fault in Our Stars, recently published an article in Cosmopolitan magazine that explores why adults love YA literature. Green says, “What I find so compelling about the best YA literature is its unironic emotional honesty.” I agree with Green, I find that YA novels tend to be emotionally honest. I don’t know whether this is because teens are more straightforward, or because teen readers need things to be more straightforward to connect to, due to their levels of emotional functioning, but what I do know is that the best YA literature causes me to connect with the characters emotions in a way that I don’t always so with “traditional” literature. JMV


Also, fans of Green may be interested in the following link as well:

2 thoughts on “It may be from Cosmo…but I don’t care

  1. I agree with you completely. I’ve learned one of my favorite things about YA novels is that I feel like I’m hearing directly from the main character, not the author, while I read. The honestly, intimacy, clarity, and directness is refreshing. I’m also very impressed by the range and complexity of emotion writers of YA lit are able to clearly convey without the obscure symbolism and wordiness I find in adult literature. Even as an adult, I find the narrator’s account of their emotional journey thought-provoking, interesting, relevant, and–best of all–totally accessible. While I still love pouring over a good work or literature, it’s thoroughly enjoyable to gain some insight into people and the world without all the mental work of constant clarifying, interpretation, and analysis.


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