What better way to have teens learning than from teen characters?

Much of young adult literature is centered around teens that are coming of age- seeking their freedom and path in life. Teens relate to teens. If a character that resembles them succeeds in his endeavors, how can the reader not help but to apply some of that character’s traits to her/his life? Teaching YA Lit allows my students to become exposed to the situations that character’s are facing which are trying and difficult. This literary knowledge then becomes knowledge they can apply to their own lives, so that they too can get through life, especially when it becomes rocky and difficult. Students have a chance to learn about life from a character and it also provides an escape. I get to encourage the kids to develop a hobby which will allow them to acquire a love for information and learning. This in turn leads them to become more informed members of the community who can apply what they read to their lives, as well as the lives of people around them whose lives are connected to their own. To me, teaching YA is all about teaching kids to follow the paths of successful people. This starts by reading and eventually hoping they will be inspired to make their own path that will lead to success.





One thought on “SDR

  1. A lot of YA lit is about hope, along with messages — especially in fantasy — that everyone and often the least, the despised or the youngest can achieve great thing in the world.

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