11th Grade teacher in search for new tricks. Every few years the lingo changes, new strategies pop up, and a new generation comes aboard. My main question is “How do I get kids to love reading?”


2 thoughts on “SDR

  1. OH!!! LOTS of good books!!! A diverse classroom library has to help! I also would highlight a different book each week by creating a short paragraph summary of what it was about and posting it on a specified bulletin board in my room (when I had one). By drawing attention to the book and taking some of the risk out by providing information about it and making myself available to discuss it with them, I found that more kids were willing to give it a chance. (Sort of like when you go to a book store and see the tables with the seemingly randomly selected books stacked on them–specifically to draw attention to those which you might not otherwise notice). I also found posting a list of the most commonly banned books got them thinking, but I’m not sure how well that would be received in the US. What an intriguing question. I’m curious what others will suggest, too! –JMF

  2. These days with many schools having a safe intranet system, I would imagine it’s possible to post a regularly updated page students could access with the same sort of info a physical bulletin could provide. And a banned book list–we all like the forbidden, don’t we?!

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