You should definitely visit the The ABC of It: Why Children’s Book Matter Exhibition

abc image

Besides the fact that it’s free and totally interesting, as an English or future English educator for adolescent, I believe that appreciation for all literature is essential. The exhibit, The ABC of It: Why Children’s Book Matter is beautifully decorated with illustrations of famous children novels, including Alice in Wonderland. The exhibit gives history about the development of children book, and the impact it has on everyone, not just children. Its located in the famous and historical Stephen A. Schwarzman library at 42nd, which makes it pretty easy to get to from any location in New York. Also I would like to mention that the exhibit has been extended until September 7th, 2014. JA

One thought on “You should definitely visit the The ABC of It: Why Children’s Book Matter Exhibition

  1. This seems like a phenomenal (field trip) idea for adolescent students. Usually, pupils get extremely excited when they can visit places that are both fun and educational. I like the fact that this exhibit promotes literacy in such a enthusiastic and innovative way. When learning in this kind of environment students are more prone to be receptive to the material that is being introduced to them. This presents a creative opportunity for adolescents to be academically expressive, while being immersed in artistic surroundings. Another favorable point of the “ABC of It” exhibit, is that it’s central location of being right in New York City, does make it very accessible to students, parents, and teachers. Additionally, by going to this kind of educational place, this would also be a great chance for pupils to enhance their writing skills, in which the can compose a written piece about all the interesting and positive aspects that they liked about this particular establishment. Overall, this seems to be a nice event for adolescents to attend for intellectual purposes. -JC

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