Interesting Book

Interesting Book

I was browsing around the Barnes and Noble website, as I am wont to do, and found what seems to be a book many of us might be interested in: Teaching Young Adult Literature Today: Insights, Considerations, and Perspectives for the Classroom Teacher. I am always interested in new ways to incorporate YA in the classroom, and I’m interested to see how “experts” recommend doing it. The description of the book also shows that it discusses a lack of LGBTQ literature in the classroom, and how to incorporate digital literacies. I am planning on picking this up, and I’d be interested in discussing it with anyone who is interested.



3 thoughts on “Interesting Book

  1. JMV, this text sounds very interesting. I’m especially intrigued by its discussion of LGBTQ literature and digital literacies because these are two areas I’d like to explore and hopefully integrate into my curriculum someday.

    I’ll pick it up and add it to my summer reading list. Maybe we can discuss it on this blog over the summer?

    Posted by SD

  2. This sounds like a very interesting book about how to teach YA lit in the classrooms. This particular genre of reading is extremely popular, especially as a growing number of schools is implementing a large amount of young adult fiction into it’s curriculum. Teaching the teen experience is not an easy task to perform, especially as an adult educator. There are techniques, tips, and methods that teachers must follow in order to get their adolescent pupils to truly connect to the work that is being taught to them. Also, as you mentioned before, there are a lot of areas within the YA lit genre itself, that is constantly being ignored; so to have a book that seeks to have a strong diversification message is quite wonderful. This element of diversity is an aspect of the classroom that is extremely important, insofar as the learning styles and cultures of adolescents are all unique. There will always be students in a school that are similar in some ways, but completely different in others. These differences are imperative to incorporate into YA Lit texts and into teaching strategies for adolescents because it will help students feel like a sense of accommodation is being implemented into their education. Thus, this is definitely a book that I will review as well.-JC

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