Thirteen Reasons Why Comments (A.K.B)

I really love reading Thirteen Reasons Why. I am just having some difficulty seeing how to carefully implement this text inside a classroom. I’m thinking of looking into websites about suicides and maybe some articles on bullying and decision making. What do you guys think?


One thought on “Thirteen Reasons Why Comments (A.K.B)

  1. “Thirteen Reasons Why” sounds like a great novel to implement into a classroom setting, especially in a high school environment. The concepts of bullying, peer pressure, and decision making skills are highly prevalent among teens. Hence, in teaching a book that relates to these themes would not only help students to build their reading abilities, but it would also assist them in their personal lives as well. I think that finding websites that speak on these concepts would be a good idea to incorporate in your classroom, while teaching this book. Maybe as a starter, I have seen some teachers who have introduced articles, poems, short essays and even photography about subjects that are primarily discussed in the novel that they want to teach. This is a good way to help students gain familiarity with various topics that are present in “Thirteen Reasons Why”, and it could also spark a productive classroom discussion. Overall, I think this is a legitimate book to teach, especially in terms of illuminating teen issues.-JC

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