“The Growth of YA Lit” Other (Addl posts)

The genre of YA Lit is literally growing at such a rapid rate. When I was a teenager myself, which was not that long ago, there were some books that were dedicated to my particular demographic. However, in remembering my trips to the library, it seemed that the genre of young adult fiction was noticeably smaller compared to other sections of literature. Nevertheless, this appears to be a predicament of the past because this genre is evolving and developing at such a fast speed. This is something that is quite amazing to watch, especially for my prospective students, because in a sense they will get to have so many more reading options that didn’t exist when I was younger. Interestingly, I found this video clip on Youtube, that explains this massive phenomenon behind YA Lit, and why it is so important that teens have a genre that speaks to the plights that they experience.  This video also gives huge predictions as to why they think that YA literature is a genre that is definitely here to stay in the world of publishing. Thus, what do all of you think about YA Lit and its impact on education?-JC

Here’s the youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3y9UdZN6NLU

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