” The Twilight Saga Continues..?” Other (Addl posts)

Books like Twilight, Harry Potter or almost any other YA Lit book series seems to have a reception that is mixed with both love and hate. In these terms, these particular books series are texts that teens love to read, but educators hate to teach. In our own graduate course a lot of us have expressed our own disdained for books like Twilight, because some critics say that this particular series lacks the necessary literary content that makes this book teachable. However, although books like Twilight may not be adored by many adults or educators, we have to admit that novels of this particular genre is motivating our students to read more actively and enthusiastically.  In doing some internet research I found this “sarcastic” site that is totally dedicated to stating reasons why Twilight should be disliked. Some of the points that were made were rather interesting, so I thought I would share it with the class. Even though this particular site makes these points, I think I like seeing adolescents excited about the books that they are actually buying, even if the text may not be the most academically challenging, because the act of just seeing students enthused about reading, would make me happy as an English Teacher.  -JC

Here’s the Link: http://geektyrant.com/news/3-completely-legitimate-reasons-to-hate-twilight


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