“Trendy” Other (Addl posts)

Young Adult literature seems to be the hot issue that everyone loves to discuss when it comes to reading. There are critics of this particular genre that mentions that it does not have enough variety in the stories that it portrays to its readers. However, there are others who say that young adult literature renders narratives that can be exciting and relatable to anyone regardless of age. Hence, in doing a bit of research, there was this clever article that was written entitled “4 New Trends for YA Novels” which basically gives a brief synopsis of a few themes that you may or may not start to see in teen books. The piece sarcastically conveys that “vampires, zombies, or wizards” will be overrated, and we begin to see new concepts being incorporated into books that haven’t been as highly publicized. These debates about what is trendy or what plotlines work best for YA lit are interesting conversations, and it is always great to see variety of all kinds in the types of texts that we give to our teen students. Thus, if you had to make some predictions what do say is going to be the next big theme of YA lit?-JC

Here’s the Link: http://www.csmonitor.com/Books/2014/0430/4-new-trends-for-YA-novels/A-future-devoid-of-love


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