3 thoughts on ““Children learn…

  1. Wise words for an educator: we often model ourselves on teachers we respected, who led by example and taught with genuine compassion, and we must bear that in mind when we would be role models too.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Calmgrove. Frank Smith called what teachers do “demonstrations” — pointing out that teachers aren’t always aware of what they’re demonstrating to their students. It’s critical to be aware of our behavior, as well as our words, each time we face a group of students. -BR

  3. Awesome quote! Great reminder to myself that I have to be a role model in and out of school. It reinforces that we lead by example, our lives should be a model to our students. If we want our students to be respectful, we must also be respectful to them. This reminds me about of a parent and child relationship, where a parent may say for example not to fight, but if they are violent, then their children would look at their actions more. JA

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