Media Blog Post- Can YA Lit help students with Common Core Standards?

In doing some internet research, there was a relevant video clip that was found on YouTube, in relation to YA Lit. This particular video conveyed why it was so important to have adolescents read YA texts in educational classrooms, especially in connection to all of the new Common Core Standards that are being implemented. In the clip, the speaker mentions that YA lit, initially had a negative reputation of being excluded from the cannon, and also not having the same respect as other genres of literature. However, the speaker rendered that these claims are unsound because the use of YA literature is highly being utilized in accordance to Common Core Standards, especially since these books are written specifically for adolescents. He also mentions that YA lit is now gaining a significant amount of popularity and it is building the reading stamina of students, which is a crucial skill to obtain in school. Hence, in hearing this candid conversation what do you think about incorporating more YA lit inside our classrooms? Do you think it prepares our students for these Common Core Standards? Or do you think YA lit is more of recreational reading activity as oppose to a academic learning task?-JC

Here’s the link:


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