Media Blog Post- Why Music Matters When it Comes to YA Lit

Soundtracks have become vital factors to the success of many YA lit novels that have been turned into movies. Whenever a major YA lit based film comes out, I always seem to become attached to the theme song that is showcased in the trailer for the movie. The music of a film sets the tone of a storyline; and this is why it is especially important to pick the right songs when a novel is being created into a movie. Although, some may categorize musical soundtracks as a marketing ploy to persuade people to buy these YA Lit novels and see the movies that are based on these books; I do think that having the right songs in movie not only makes a movie better, but it also gives a true representation of what themes a book conveys. For example, in the “Perks of Being A Wallflower”, there were various parts of the book that were very exciting, and in the movie there were a few upbeat/rock songs that reflected this sentiment. Also, in the “Fault in our Stars” there were a lot of relatively sad parts in this book/movie, so there were songs in the trailer that were quite mellow or mid-tempo.  Hence, I think that musical soundtracks can be a pretty amazing feature to implement into a classroom; and a lot of teachers have incorporated this into their curriculums.  For instance, if you had to pick a song that represents your favorite book, what track would you choose? What kind of tracks do you think you students would choose?-JC

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