Media Blog Post- YA Lit Photos that Actually Convey a Lot….




As a future English teacher, I love to see massive collections of books in a library; and I also love to stay current on the different tittles of books that adolescents are reading. One particular photo that I found, that was rather interesting to view, is the first picture posted which is a shot in a major books store with a section called “teen tittles”.  This was so ironic for me, because growing up as a teenager myself, my generation got such a bad reputation of “not reading enough”, “or watching too much television”; and “calling books boring”. However, it was nice to see that teenagers have come such a long way in their affinity for reading, insofar as detaching themselves enough from those bad stereotypes to the point where they are able to prove to society that they are buying books so much now, that they are literally attaining their own front table sections in bookstores. This is an awesome sight to see, because it shows that young adult literature has the power to distinguish itself from other genres, and become noticed for its unique ability in being able to connect with teens. Also the collages depicted in the second and third photo were also fantastic to find because it showcased the wide selection of books that are popular amongst adolescents, which could render some really good reading ideas to implement into my future classroom.- JC

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