Comment 1: When Suggesting Readings for Adolescent Students

When suggesting readings for adolescents I think a teacher must consider a number of factors. Is the book generally accepted by the public as good reading? This is usually how a piece of literature is determined as a good selection. Does the literature promote learning and critical thinking and can it be related to the student’s everday life experience. Of course is should and be proven so in the classroom. The literature should be at the student’s reading level and hold their interest. It should be accessible to all students. The learning of new vocabulary and an examination of the author’s use of language and dialogue should be part of the discussion in the classroom. This will lead to a discussion on the author’s intended meaning expressed through words. An understanding of the author’s own personal history and the era in which they wrote the book is helpful in interpreting the author’s intent through the creative act of written expression.


One thought on “Comment 1: When Suggesting Readings for Adolescent Students

  1. I love the factors you considered for choosing a class book. I find that many times as new teachers we tend to go inside a classroom and select books we feel or society feels are necessary for all to read. We often overlook the above factors, or being aware of them and how they can disrupt engagement and learning. The question that always guides me is “what will they READ?” I have found that any book is teachable and readable when different parts are highlighted, explained, vocabulary cleared, and with good anticipation activities are applied. Of course this is easier said than done but it is a way of “chunking” the levels of learning. (SDR)

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