Why We Teach YA – PB

Why We Teach YA:
As teaching professionals, I think we often teach YA because we have our own important memories of being young adolescents in the classroom. Some important experience has led us to the decision to teach. A passion for learning and literature certainly helps in this challenging job. We realize the real possibility of making an academic contribution to these young students and the importance of this influence, both personal and professional on students once they become adults. For me it was the memorable experience of literature and poetry that I discovered and loved but it also stems from feeling excluded in the learning process and being misunderstood by the teaching professional. Personal experience like this is something that we can build on in deciding how to approach the role as teacher and student friend.

One thought on “Why We Teach YA – PB

  1. I agree with you PB. I still remember my 6th grade ELA teacher Ms. Nolan’s classroom. She had tons of books, magazines of all types (including People and Sports Illustrated). This exposure to so much material made me not only a book lover, but a lover of all literature. She would literally give us the last two periods of the day on Fridays to just roam through the magazines, class books, and find something to read. She even had the newspapers of that week. I can also recall some educational board games, like Scrabble, being played. It was a great way to end the week and start the weekend with a renewed hunger for reading.

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