Lists of Top YA Books to Target Reluctant Readers (SDR)


Many times we struggle to find the right book for our reluctant readers. The site Goodreads has a great feature called Listopia which allows you to search thousands of lists to find the perfect book for your students. These list are arranged by genre, tags, awards, and a number of other ways. While browsing the site I found quite a few “top lists” for reluctant readers. I will share them below so that you can take a look and see if there are any books that might be of interest to your students.

Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers

Books for Reluctant Readers- Targeting Boys

Best Dystopian and Post Apocalyptic Fiction

YA Novels of 2014

Books for Reluctant Teen Readers

Required Reading: Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels_Danielle Binks1


One thought on “Lists of Top YA Books to Target Reluctant Readers (SDR)

  1. This is really interesting, SDR! I think this site could be helpful for teachers seeking the right book for reluctant readers. I quickly browsed the “Books for Reluctant Readers – Targeting Boys” list, and there are several books with titles that jump out at you. Some of the titles even made me laugh out loud. If these titles get a rise out of reluctant readers in the same way they got a rise out of me, the reluctant readers might just crack them! Thanks for the links.


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