NetGalley: My One True Love

There’s an amazing site out there that all teachers should know about…NetGalleynetgalley. NetGalley is a site for teachers, librarians, and bloggers: basically anyone who shares books, and their opinions of books with other people. The purpose of the site is simple; users sign up, and then are able to get digital copies of books before it is released. After you’ve read the book you write a review for the publishers to use if they want. They have books from every genre you can imagine, from YA, to cookbooks, to graphic novels, and more. Recently they added a youtube channel, where you can see things like this video on how to write a book review.   JMV

3 thoughts on “NetGalley: My One True Love

  1. Thanks for recommending this site. It’s nice that it catalogs books under categories as diverse as LGBTQIA, Health, Mind and Body and Outdoors and Nature. While some of the categories are traditional, others aren’t, and this is refreshing.
    I also appreciate the “Top Tips for Writing a Book Review” clip. This sort of video can be helpful for bloggers and teachers-to-be like us, but it might also be useful for students. Teachers could introduce their students to the modality of the book review using a clip like this one. After all, research shows that today’s adolescents value diverse media in the classroom. Instructional and/or informational video clips might be among the most effective and economical tools available to teachers in this day and age.
    One of my favorite aspects of the content of the video clip was Stuart Evers’s third tip: “be fair to the writer.” Evers appeals to beginning reviewers, asking that they be respectful not only toward the writer, but also toward their audience. He explains that justifying your opinions with textual evidence and proofreading your work can help communicate this respect for both writer and audience. I couldn’t agree more.

  2. I really enjoyed the rather simple video on how to write a book review. I applied several methods, I think, successfully in a recent book review. I think I had a few missteps along the way, but the only way to get better at something is to keep practicing. Thanks for the post.

    MAS 2015

  3. Indeed, this information is very helpful and educational. As a predominantly visual learner, I thoroughly appreciate the video clip because it presents few and simple tips on how to approach review-writing. However, I must add that if there would be a revision or sequel to that clip, it should include examples: examples of good hooks, “different angles,” spoilers vs. non-spoilers, criticisms with evidence, and grammatically correct vs. grammatically incorrect reviews (if they exist). I know that, perhaps, some may think that the examples may be too much spoon feeding; however, I still believe that while the video was excellent, examples would have been an enhancement.


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