Review on American Born Chinese

American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang was a fun read. Its exciting, visually provoking, and a page turner all while being relevant and thoughtful. It is relevant to what kids from all places are facing and experiencing: the venture in understanding oneself, self acceptance, and trying to “fit in”.  It also deals with racism and the experience of being an immigrant. American Born Chinese is a merry approach to discussing these topics. In regards to including it in teaching curriculum and all of the trials that follow because it is a graphic novel, I would love to teach this book and I think that it should be welcomed by all schools. There are layers and its a great way to expose students to another culture. This exposure allows for a deeper level of comprehension and empathy (which adoloscents are developing). It is also an all around awesome graphic novel, and I believe that it is important to show kids that graphic novels are okay, and it might also be the pathway for some kids to like reading and to relate to it. And who knows a future graphic novelist might be in the works, and exposing them to this will be a breakthrough and huge influence and change.


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