The Graveyard Book – Mini-Lesson Reflection


If you’re interested, Neil Gaiman discusses the writing of The Graveyard Book in the above clip on YouTubeThere are also clips of him reading the whole book; I haven’t watched him read every chapter, but it’s something to consider using in the classroom.

It’s interesting to discuss a book from the perspective of a reader, but it’s really quite informative to hear from the writer on the experience.  Gaiman points out how he couldn’t write the book he wrote without having the experience of raising his kids, and I think that really comes out in the story.

In the mini-lesson, we mostly discussed the story from the perspective of Bod learning and growing up, but we never really talked much about the way the spirits in the graveyard felt about Bod.  If I were to actually teach this book, not only would I use the mini-lesson I designed, but I’d also want to include discussion of the perspective of the spirits that raise Bod.

Anyway, these are just some concluding thoughts on the mini-lesson.  I appreciated all of the comments I received, so thanks again!