Out of the Dust: A Mine of Teaching Opportunities

PDC – While reading Out of the Dust I couldn’t stop thinking of the unit themes or lessons that I could create if Out of the Dust was the anchor text.


The amazing things about Out of the Dust are:

  • Time Period: Set during the Great Depression, this can be an opportunity for Cross-Curricular teaching. The students can learn the historical events of the Great Depression in social science. Maybe even learn what is a dust storm is or how it is created in science class. The time period is also a great chance for teachers to hit some Common Core Standards with included informational text, or a documentary into the lesson.
  • Free Verse: The entire novel is written in free-verse poetry. This is a great sage way into a poetry unit, or using Out of the Dust as an anchor text for a poetry unit. Students can explore writing free-verse, the history behind it and the impact free-verse had on poetry and writing.
  • The Story Itself: Out of the Dust is full of complex characters, an interesting plot and the conflict is gripping.

This is truly a novel that can be taught in so many ways and can give teachers a chance to work together cross subjects.


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